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Lucia Rijker And The Fight For Love

a documentary about love, pain and longing
Broadcast date: Monday 13-7-2009 23:25 - 24:25 NPO 2
Repeat: Sunday 26-7-2009 12:00 - 13:00 NPO 2

tv_lucia_Lucia_in_bed(1).jpg Lucia Rijker and the fight for love is a documentary about love, pain and longing. Before she turned 40, Lucia Rijker, world champing boxing, only lived for her sport. Now she has the time and the opportunity to learn what love is. Lucia has always been pushing her limits both in her boxing career and in her Buddhist spiritual practice. Committing to a deeper relationship with her lover is now her biggest challenge.

In this personal quest, Lucia Rijker meets actress Sylvia Kristel, actress/singer Ellen ten Damme, comedian Freek de Jonge and his wife Hella, rap artist Negativ, Zen master Ton Lathouwers and others. Music and poetry play an important role in this documentary.

To share a life in happiness together only seems possible by a continuous struggle for the right balance. The aim is freedom in restraint. Love evokes romantic fantasies, but may also arouse fear and pain. Possibly they are all part of love's riches.

Director: George Schouten
With: Lucia Rijker, Sylvia Kristel, Hella en Freek de Jonge, Ellen ten Damme, Ton Lathouwers, Negativ, André van Vondelen, Abdelhakim Azmaa, Khalid Benerroua, Samet Örs, Mickey Berrens, Mandy Sweelssen, Roxana Bomba, Dounia El Hammouti
Commissioning editor/producer: Babeth M. VanLoo  Camera: Bernd Wouthuijsen
Sound: Martijn van Haalen, Jaap Verhoeven, Menno Euwe
Editing: Vera Jong
Music: George Schouten
Make-up: Karin van Dijk
Bureau production/research: Lies Janssen
Production/ research assistant: Odessa Glansbeek
With gratitude to: Via Nova College Utrecht, Smara Siddhi Schiedam, Nadia Nijenhuis-Daoudi, Jannie Ijzendoorn, Isabel Rodriguez, Trimbos-Instituut, Millinger Theetuin, Barbara Kist, Clary van der Veen, Eden Amsterdam American Hotel, Karin Koopmans, White Mountain Management, Henriette Hoogenboezem, Features Creative Management, The Talent Company, Simone Hummel, Chris Teerink
© 2009 a Buddhist Broadcasting Production
First broadcast by BOS: 13-07-2009
Length: 60 min