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Something Unknown

Miracles of the mind or fraud?
Broadcast date: Tuesday 27-7-2010 24:05 - 01:05 NPO 2
Repeat: Saturday 31-7-2010 09:20 - 10:20 NPO 2

tv_dean_radin.jpg Due to copyrights this documentary can not be watched online

Is it possible that some people can read your mind? Or look into the future? Why is it that some people can cure themselves while in the last stages of a deadly cancer?

Does mind over matter really exist, and if so how do we explain this?  People claim to ‘see’ distant objects or places. Do they really ‘see’ something? And where is the boundary between 'real' magical powers and fraud? CanArielle Ford these miracles of the mind be explained? These questions and more are explored and answered in this fascinating and quirky feature documentary by Dutch filmmaker Renée Scheltema. Along the way she also collects anecdotal stories from celebrities within the field, such as psychic detective Nancy Myer, Author Arielle Ford, astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell, and intuitive Catherine Yunt.

They all weigh in on the "Big Five" psychic phenomena: precognition, telepathy, remote viewing, psycho-kinesis, and spiritual healing. Join leading experts in the field of science, alternative medicine and para-psychology as they reveal profound insights into the world of the unsee and offer scientific evidence behind psychic phenomena.

Director/camera: Renée Scheltema
With: Prof.Charles T Tart, Dr Dean Radin, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Dr Hal Puthoff, Dr Roger Nelson, Prof. Gary Schwartz, Dr Larry Dossey, Stephan A Schwartz, Dr Melinda Connor
Commissioning editor: Babeth M Vanloo  Voice-over: Lisa Majoros
Editing: Jenny Hicks,Renée Scheltema
Music: Roger Bashew, RGB Music
Mixage: Juice, Gareth Wharton
Colour grading: Kim Kraus, Yellow Dog Media
Producer: Telekan CC
Co-producer: Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation
Additional funding by: Jeanine Hage, Cobo fonds
With gratitude to: Lisa, Laura & Michael Berkel, Paul Verhoeven, Erik Disselhoff, Rob Lindeman, Frenske Otzen, Sacha & Howard Gillis, Agnes & Jan Scheltema, Marek Pinski, Anton Taylor
© 2009 Telekan CC / Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation