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Eat Your Enemy

Broadcast date: Wednesday 21-12-2005 23:20 - 00:20 uur NPO 1
Repeat: Sunday 1-1-2006 14.03 - 15.03 uur NPO 1


'Eat your enemy' is a documentary about martial arts and aggression, about spirituality, winning and losing, about suffering and vanity. And about East and West, muscle and mind power. About masters and students. A film full of paradoxes. When we think of martial arts, we can almost hear the muffled thumps pounding on tattooed bodies, men luring at each other through swollen eyes while blood pours out of their noses. However, martial arts are more than the image we’ve just described and tend to witness while zapping through television channels.

Violence and its prevention are important themes in our society, and we are each involved in one way or the other. Aggression is bad, is the prevailing opinion. Period. We, in the West, have begun to consider ourselves too civilized to fight. We fight with words and on the off chance that something does go wrong, a trauma team is at hand. Nevertheless, people continue to have a need to fight; take the violence during soccer matches. But in fact, we don’t know how to handle aggression.

In this film, several approaches to the martial arts in the West and the East are highlighted. The essence of the film is philosophical, but it has been disguised as a fight. Not as much a fight against an opponent but rather a fight against one’s self. 'Eat your enemy' takes the viewer into a very complex world. It intends to amuse and inform but it also asks questions.

Director: Eline Flipse
With: Master Ritsuke Otake, Master Li Yuan, Jan Kallenbach, Wim Keyl, Jan Geyteman, Vincent Vielvoye, Afaq Saleem, Humphrey Ludwig, mrs. Wang