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Spiritual university in the Arizona desert
Broadcast date: Sunday 7-5-2006 14.03 - 15.03 uur NPO 2
Repeat: Saturday 13-5-2006 08.45 - 09.45 uur NPO 2
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Far away in the Arizona desert lies The Diamond Mountain University: A spiritual university founded by Michael Roach in 2004. After 22 years of studying Tibetan Buddhism he was the first American to earn the degree of Geshe – master of Buddhism. Since 1999 he spends day and night with his spiritual partner Christie McNally.

The last months they are teaching the dharma in various countries. The courses are mixed with experiences Geshe Michael has gathered during his career in the diamond industry. He gained international fame through his novel The Diamond Cutter. One ofMichael Roach e.a. the core discourses of the Buddha, The Diamond Cutter Sutra, was the starting point of the book. It offers clear solutions to dilemmas in both business and personal life. The book became a bestseller. He received many lucrative offers, but decided to retire into a three year long retreat with his spiritual partner Christie McNally.

Director: George Schouten
Geshe Michael Roach, Christie McNally, Trisangma, Lobsang Chukyi, Gary Hirsch, Ani Pelma, Christine Sperben & Catrine Ehrhorn
Commisioning editor / executive producer: Babeth M. VanLoo
Camera: Bernd Wouthuysen
Sound: Mark Wessner
Editing: Sarah Domogala
Music: George Schouten
With gratitude: Lobsang Chukyi, Enlightened Business Institute;
ZIN, Rob de Haas; Tricycle, Jeri Coppola; Gassan Diamonds Amsterdam
© 2006 a Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation production

7-5-2006  nvt
- - Quote
neem me niet kwalijk, maar mag ik iedereen wijzen op de volgende url: , met eventueel belangrijke informatie?! wees voorzichtig, alsjeblieft.
13-5-2006  Robert van Vaals
- - Quote
Ik heb de uitzending gezien en was nogal onder de indruk na aanvankelijke scepsis - scepsis toch niet voor niets helaas...
15-5-2006  nvt
- - Quote
de verwijzing naar de website is voor mij zeer behulpzaam om de film in perspectief te zien.