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Dharma Punx

Punker becomes buddhist
Broadcast date: Sunday 7-9-2008 12:00 - 12:30 NPO 2
Repeat: Saturday 13-9-2008 10:00- 10:30 NPO 2
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Noah LevineNoah Levine is a dharma teacher, but if you see him driving around in the streets of Los Angeles in his noisy 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS, covered in tattoos, you would never have guessed. Nevertheless, he’s the heart of a young and lively sangha. His teachings go ‘against the grain’ and attract young people who suffer from addiction and live a life of crime. His words are direct, without adornment and they show that meditation can change your life.

Noah LevineNoah should know, because he ended up in a juvenile penitentiary with a serious addiction. He had hit rock bottom when his father, Stephen Levine, called him and gave him a simple meditation instruction: Be present now and always return your attention to your breathing. Noah listened to him and noticed that he had a choice: To follow the fear, or to abandon it. This marked the beginning of a long period of meditation and study, particularly under Jack Kornfield. Levine then wrote ‘Dharma Punx’, a bestseller in which he talks about his life and shows how meditation saved him.
We visit him and his wife Amy in Los Angeles and ask him how a punk became interested in the Buddha’s teachings, which were more embraced by the hippie culture. He said: ‘I was relieved to hear that the Buddha was a rebel, whose words and behavior went against the standards of his age. As the Buddha himself said:
‘Go against the flow’.’

A film by: Jurgen Gude and Jaap Verhoeven
With: Noah Levine, Amy Fields, Vinny Ferraro, Joana Harper, Enrique Collazo
Commissioning editor: Babeth M. vanLoo
Camera: Jurgen Gude
Sound & production: Jaap Verhoeven
Editor: Jurgen Gude
With gratitude: Martine Batchelor, Against the stream L.A., Suzanne Mc Nulty, Black Flag, Babeth M. vanLoo (film Sex Pistols)
© 2008 A Buddhist Broadcasting Foundation production
Length: 30 min


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7-9-2008  korenbloem
alcohol? - Quote
Een Dharma leraar die alcohol drinkt??
7-9-2008  ineke
Noah Levine you hit my soul - Quote
Ik heb net de uitzending gezien over Noah Levine Dharma Punx....geweldig...wat een spirit....
Het heeft mij zo geraakt...weten jullie ook war ik zijn boeken kan bestellen?
7-9-2008  john prins
meditatie werkt - Quote
Ik was geraakt door de doc. over Noah Levine, omdat hij laat zien dat er en uitweg is uit de wereld die beheerst wordt door onze angsten. Meditatie geeft je de keuze hierin gevangen te blijven of je hieruit te bevrijden. Accepteer dat het leven beangstiggend is, maar ook geweldig als je het durft aan te gaan en het zal je veranderen.
10-9-2008  Pit
Reactie op Ineke - Quote
Ik heb de boeken besteld via;
Zijn moeder verzorgd de distrubutie!
11-9-2008  Kurisu
Inderdaad..... - Quote
Ja, korenbloem.... ook dharma leraren gaan gebukt onder menselijke verslavingen. Ook de grote leraren Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Alan Watts en Chögyam Trungpa waren alcohol minnend.... compassie volgt inzicht....
Prachtige uitzending over Noah Levine...